Porsche - Factory collection, Zuffenhausen

Factory collection, Zuffenhausen

Limited program at Factory Delivery Zuffenhausen

Due to the current risk from Covid-19, strict guidelines apply throughout Germany.

From November 2nd to November 30th , 2020 there will be no supporting program (factory tour, lunch at the restaurant and visit of the museum). Vehicle handovers will continue to be carried out in strict compliance with the distance and hygiene rules.

Please only visit us if you are healthy and have not had any contact with people infected with the virus in the last 14 days. For your safety and the safety of our employees, up to two people from the same household may travel. Further please always keep a safe distance of 1.5 m from other people. A face mask must be worn in the customer lounge and during vehicle handover. We will provide you with this free of charge.

In case you are travelling from a foreign high risk area please check german quarantine guide lines https://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/en/coronavirus/2317268.

Stay healthy!
Your Porsche factory delivery team in Zuffenhausen

We reserve the right to make possible changes in accordance with the general further developments regarding the overall situation. Once we have further information, we will inform you immediately.

If you have any questions, please contact us:
E-Mail: werksabholung-zuffenhausen@porsche.de

Shop, discover and dine.
And all you wanted to do was pick up your Porsche.

Over 60 years of awe-inspiring and moving stories – ample reason to collect your car from our factory in Zuffenhausen. If you want to collect your new Porsche directly from our headquarters, you can expect not only a day that is full of anticipation, but also a whole day’s journey of discovery through the fascinating world of Porsche. Find out how your day at Zuffenhausen might look in detail on the following pages.

Guided tour of the factory.

You will seldom get closer to the professionals who build a Porsche. The guided tour through the production area will give you a completely new view of our cars. From engine construction, through the upholstery shop to final assembly – culminating, of course, in the most emotional moment, the so-called marriage: the uniting of drivetrain and chassis with the body. Our guided tours of the works are steeped in tradition. They are led by Porsche enthusiasts whose passion and knowledge about the Porsche brand has grown over many years.

A guided tour of the factory generally takes about 1.5 hours and is conducted in both German and, by arrangement, in English. We would like to point out that, for internal operating reasons, a full tour is not always possible. And, for safety reasons, unfortunately children under the age of 12 are not permitted. We will be pleased to arrange child care on request.

VIP restaurant.

At Porsche, collecting your car from the factory is an experience – for all of your senses. We are therefore pleased to invite you, between 11:15 and 13:30 hrs to a culinary three-course feast in the VIP restaurant. Take a moment to relax – after all, you are soon to be handed the keys to your new Porsche.

Porsche Museum.

You can see how strongly the future is determined by the tradition of the Porsche brand in a visit to the Porsche Museum.

More than 80 cars and numerous small exhibits await you in a unique building. In addition to world famous automobile icons like the 356, 550, 911 or 917, the technical pioneering work of Professor Ferdinand Porsche is also presented. The journey through time begins with the Egger-Lohner electric vehicle, the Model C.2 Phaeton from 1898. Then, gradually, the Porsche history comes alive – from motorsport to the road.

The car handover.

On this day you have seen a lot, experienced a lot – and now it’s time for a lot of fun. When your Porsche is handed over by our experts. They spend time explaining your new car to you, with passion, right down to the smallest detail if required. From how the door opener works through to the best way of loading. And, of course, they tell you everything about its high level of sports performance and efficiency.

For Porsche drivers, this moment is usually quite a special event. And so we record it for you. With a personal souvenir photograph – as a memento of when you collected your car from the factory. And there is also a gift individually matched to your car.

The handover lasts about 1 to 1.5 hours and takes place in our delivery hall. We present your car to you with a full tank of petrol. Because we know how difficult it is to interrupt the journey once you are driving a Porsche.

Get in, start the engine – and there are simply no words to describe what you now feel.

Have a good journey.

Collecting your car from the factory in Zuffenhausen:

  • Visit to the Porsche Museum with an exhibition of current and historic cars
  • Guided tour of the factory
  • Three-course meal in the VIP restaurant
  • Car handed over by an expert
  • With a full tank
  • Factory collection gift and a professional souvenir photograph

Your Porsche Centre will be pleased to provide you with all of the details and costs of a factory collection at Zuffenhausen.