Porsche Connect – your digital co-pilot.
Porsche Connect – your digital co-pilot.
Porsche Connect

With Porsche Connect, your Porsche will finally race into the digital era. This will make your vehicle even more comfortable – with intelligent services that make your everyday life easier.

In this way, you can enjoy an outstanding, traditional driving experience perfectly integrated into the digital world.

You will find out about the services that make Porsche Connect so special as well as all the other information you need throughout this page.

Porsche Connect at a glance


With Porsche Connect, your digital co-pilot is always on board. The wide range of services help you to have the most comfortable and modern driving experience possible before, during and after your trip.

Real-time information and seamless intercommunication bring the digital and real worlds together.

Porsche Connect App

Experience a digital interface to your Porsche. In the ‘Navigation’ section, you can plan your trip in advance and send it to your car.

With ‘My Car’, you can remotely check the range of your vehicle and lock and unlock the doors.

With ‘My Account’, you have access to your Porsche ID profile, while your data is synchronised between your Porsche applications.

Period Included

The Porsche Connect package is included for a period of three years with the Taycan. The periods vary depending on the Porsche model and the package desired.

For a detailed account, see

Price Model

You can easily purchase the Porsche Connect services you want through a subscription. The prices and subscription terms vary.

For all other information, see

Porsche Connect Store

In the Porsche Connect Store, you can quickly and conveniently activate, purchase or extend services for your vehicle. Here, you can also get an overview of your purchased applications as well as detailed information about all other products. The services you choose are immediately available when you start your vehicle.

You can access the Porsche Connect Store at

My Porsche

When you log in to My Porsche using your personal Porsche ID that you received when you purchased your Porsche, you can manage your personal data, request service appointments and communicate with your Porsche dealer. You can also check the current status of vehicle, such as the mileage.

Navigation and Satellite map – always the fastest route.

React to traffic in real time. Use Voice Pilot to get route and traffic updates and congestion information, leaving you free to enjoy your journey.

Porsche ConnectPorsche ConnectPorsche Connect

Depending on the relevant national regulations, the "Satellite Maps" service may be fully or only partially available when driving, or only be available while stationary.


Navigation with Real-Time Traffic Information – Always the Fastest Route
Navigation with Real-Time Traffic Information – Always the Fastest Route
With Navigation Plus, you will always find the fastest route to your destination – thanks to real-time traffic information. In this way, you and your Porsche can respond to live traffic conditions at all times. You will easily get all the latest online information, including route updates, traffic updates and tailback information, directly in your Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system. With all of this at your disposal, an enjoyable trip is guaranteed.
Using your Porsche ID, your destinations are synchronised with the PCM, the Porsche Connect App and My Porsche.
You also have access to real-time traffic data, with current traffic conditions depicted in five different colours, so you will always know what’s happening on the roads. In addition, you will get online map updates based on your location and destination, as well as all available satellite maps.
Voice Pilot – Obeys Your Every Command.
Voice Pilot – Obeys Your Every Command.
With Voice Pilot, your digital co-pilot is finally brought to life. Whatever you need, your voice assistant (almost) always has the solution.
You can communicate freely and flexibly with your vehicle without the use of pre-specified terms thanks to the intelligent speech comprehension of Voice Pilot. When the system is online, voice recognition is always kept up to date. Speech reproduction is constantly optimised.
Voice Pilot is activated and at your service simply by saying ‘Hey Porsche’. Vehicle functions such as ambient lighting and the massage function can also be controlled via the voice assistant. And there’s no problem if you would like to use the touchscreen again, as multimodal operation is possible.
If a data connection is not available, Voice Pilot uses the offline voice command function.
‘Hey Porsche’ is only available in the Taycan.
All Destinations, All Information, One Service – the Finder.
All Destinations, All Information, One Service – the Finder.
The Finder is the central navigation search function and is accessible whenever you need it via the PCM home screen. If you are connected to the Internet, all the information is provided to you.
So, if you’re looking for a point of interest (POI), you have direct access to five categories (My Destinations, Favourites, Contacts, Charging Stations, Recently Used). You can also add places such as hotels, restaurants or other popular spots to your trip as a stop along the way whenever you like, or select them as fixed destinations or save them as favourites. With active route guidance, the results are listed along the route.
The filter options allow you to search for charging stations with access to the Porsche Charging Service or fast charging stations.
With every search, you have the option to use PCM online search or see Google® results.
Time for Rock’n Roll – Thanks to Integrated Apple Music Access.
Time for Rock’n Roll – Thanks to Integrated Apple Music Access.
With Apple Music, you have ad-free access to over 60 million songs. You will always find the perfect hit to suit your mood, whether you’re looking for the perfect playlist or live streams from anywhere in the world. With the Lyrics feature, you can also see the lyrics of songs and even sing along if the mood takes you.
The service is controlled just like on your phone. For every song, you have the options ‘Add to media library’, ‘Create station’, ‘Love’ and ‘Dislike’.
Titles you hear on the radio and enjoy can also be added seamlessly and directly to your collections. These will then be synchronised with all of your devices, so you can enjoy optimal access.
You can control the service via touchscreen or using Voice Pilot.
Apple Music is available to Taycan customers free of charge for six months.
Access Your Vehicle Wherever You Are – with the Car Remote Package.
Access Your Vehicle Wherever You Are – with the Car Remote Package.
The Car Remote package includes a total of 12 services that enable you to access your vehicle wherever you are. The services and features are integrated into the Porsche Connect App, from which they can be managed centrally.
Not only can you open and close your Porsche using the app, but you can also honk the horn and activate the indicators. With Car Control and Trip Control, you have an overview of all the key information and data for your vehicle and trips at all times. You can also control the temperature remotely using the air conditioning and auxiliary heating services.
The Car Finder feature allows you to locate your Porsche at any time. Using the Location Alarm feature, you receive a notification when your vehicle leaves a specified area. Speed Alarm alerts you when you exceed a particular speed. Valet Alarm offers a combination of Location Alarm and Speed Alarm for the parking service. If the anti-theft alarm system is triggered, a message is also sent to your phone via the app.
Concierge - You have a wish? Your Porsche will fulfil it.
Concierge - You have a wish? Your Porsche will fulfil it.
You have wishes or questions? The answers are at your fingertips. Whether you're looking for a phone number or a restaurant recommendation, or if you would like to book a flight: the Porsche Connect Concierge Service will be happy to assist. 24/7. It transmits addresses you are looking for to your Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system, makes reservations, for restaurants etc., or books flights, hotels and hire cars for you. With the Concierge Service, you have more time for your interests. Or more precisely, your Sports Car.

Other features

These features are just a small selection of all the functions and services that Porsche Connect¹´² offers you. You can find an overview of all the features available for your vehicle in the Porsche Connect Store.

Discover the Connect Store

¹The basis for Porsche Connect is the LTE telephone module. It has a SIM card reader for high operating comfort and optimised data connection. In certain countries, you also have an integrated LTE-capable SIM card including data volume.
²The Porsche Connect range varies according to model and country availability. The information on this page is intended to provide you with a general overview. For service availability in your vehicle, log into the Connect Store with your Porsche ID.

Porsche Connect in everyday life

We provide a festival initiator, an artist and an entrepreneur the opportunity to explore the intelligent connected services available from Porsche. They explain how Porsche Connect makes their busy, everyday lives that much easier.

Connecting with the perfect wave.
Real-time Berlin.
Staying sharp and focused.

Using Porsche Connect

1. Register
In order to use Porsche Connect, you need a Porsche ID - your key to the digital world at Porsche. If you have purchased your Porsche from a Porsche Centre, you will automatically receive an e-mail with your Porsche ID and corresponding registration link for My Porsche. If you did not receive an e-mail about registration , please contact your Porsche Centre. In all other cases, please register directly with My Porsche.
2. Activate services
In My Porsche, you can activate the individual services or purchase them at the end of your inclusive period. The My Porsche home page displays the 8-digit pairing code you will need to be able to use your personalised Porsche Connect services in your vehicle. Further information and instructions can be found in the Help area of the Porsche Connect Store.
3. Use services
You can use your Porsche ID to connect your vehicle to your Smartphone. The Porsche Connect app also allows your smartphone to access the Porsche Connect Services. This allows you to use various services and functions of Porsche Connect directly in the PCM or to access them via your smartphone. You can also use My Porsche to configure and control the services on your computer or mobile device.
Do you have any further questions?
Further information on the availability of the services as well as answers to your questions about how to register and activate the Porsche Connect services in your vehicle can be found in the Porsche Connect Store.

Porsche Connect Store

Availability in your Porsche

Porsche Connect is available for various Porsche models from model year 2017 onwards. This does not include the Macan Turbo. Further information on your model can be found in the Porsche Connect Store. Simply click on the relevant vehicle model.

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4. If any equipment not described by this website has been installed on your Porsche vehicle, your Porsche Centre will be glad to provide you with the relevant accurate operation and maintenance suggestions.

5. The abovementioned "equipment" may include hardware, software, services and other configuration of/for a vehicle, as the case may be.