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Sports cars should achieve great things. Take responsibility, for example.

Porsche E-Performance provides answers. Right here and now. Because it is necessary to reduce fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions worldwide. As a sports car manufacturer, we believe that we should begin where we can really make a difference: in the garage, in the everyday lives of our drivers – with an intelligent overall concept. Our focus is not on the technology, but on the driver. It therefore goes without saying that Porsche E-Performance is much more to us than just a drive concept. It includes the vehicle, energy and connectivity.



Step 1: The vehicle

It combines attributes that initially appear irreconcilable: maximum performance and minimum consumption. The basis for this is a tightly integrated overall concept, incorporating the hybrid drive, optimum driving modes and ergonomic operability of the vehicle functions.

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Step 2: The energy

Porsche E-Hybrid models are designed as plug-in hybrids. The process of refueling at a petrol station is increasingly being replaced by charging with electricity. Not just anywhere, but from the convenience of your own home. It goes without saying of course that we also supply the charging equipment.

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Step 3: The connectivity

The hybrid-specific services of Porsche Connect make your connection with your Porsche E-Hybrid model even closer. Charging facilities in your area can be found quickly and easily. You can also control and check various vehicle functions via app – such as the display of the current state of charge.

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