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Porsche - Environment and energy

Environment and energy

Systematic Environmental Management

As early as 1996, Porsche defined an environmental policy with clearly defined environmental guidelines. The “Environmental Management” Group Guideline was also introduced in 2011. Environmental Management Systems have been set up at virtually all the Porsche sites. The European EMAS Directive, and the ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 standards form the framework for these systems. The sites in Zuffenhausen, Leipzig, Weissach and Sachsenheim have been certified in conformity with ISO 14001. In 2011, Zuffenhausen was the first plant in the automobile industry also to achieve conformity with the “Energy management system – Requirements with guidance for use” in the ISO 50001 standard. Porsche Leipzig GmbH and the Central Replacement Parts Warehouse were then also successful in achieving certification. Since 2005, Porsche AG has been subject to European emission rights trading with the Energy Center at the Zuffenhausen site.

Comprehensive Environmental Protection

Porsche implements environmental protection in many different ways. Over recent years, consistent development of circulation systems and opportunities for reuse have been the primary driver for continually reducing water consumption. A company-wide waste management concept also guarantees collection of waste grouped separately into individually recyclable types to optimize their reuse. Since 2011, one example of innovative environmental protection has been provided by the paint shop in Zuffenhausen. The solvents here are retrieved rather than being incinerated. This means that the values for solvent emissions are more than 50 percent less than the statutory threshold. Another form of pollution protection is provided by the avoidance or minimization of noise emissions. Technical and organizational measures based on continually updated noise logs are used at all sites.

Historic surveys and assessments of contaminated areas have been carried out and documented at all sites in order to comply with the Soil Protection Act. Any measures necessary are then implemented. A similar procedure is also carried out wherever land is purchased. The Porsche emergency response organization also guarantees at all the sites that potential risks for people and the environment are identified at an early stage and any damage from explosions, fires or similar events can be minimized.

Nature Conservation and Species Diversity

The Leipzig and Weissach sites are located next to conservation areas with a rich diversity of species. However, compatibility inspections carried out in conformity with the European Fauna Flora Habitat Directive revealed that no impacts are likely to be exerted on the environment. The mitigation measure carried out at the Leipzig site is unique in the automobile industry. Porsche created a grazing pasture covering an area of approximately 65 hectares, and aurochs (wild oxen) and wild horses graze on this land. The large number of birds and species of plant living here make this a valuable biotope with a high conservation value.

Further information on the topic can be found in the Updated Environmental Statement 2015 for the Zuffenhausen facility. The document is available for downloading in PDF format.

Updated Environmental Statement 2015 – Zuffenhausen Facility

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