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Integrative Corporate Culture

The governance guidelines, the Porsche Compliance Code and the Porsche Business Rules provide the platform for the Porsche corporate culture. The key areas of action for personnel and social policy were defined on the basis of this platform. These include maintenance of employees’ fitness to work (work ability) and promoting the work-life balance to reconcile the demands of career and family. At the end of 2012, the Executive Board and the general works council adopted a package of measures entitled “Employment Market of the Future”. This program includes concrete measures for implementing some ambitious goals. They include the prevention of any form of discrimination, promoting women in the workplace, creating a motivating work environment and achieving a maximally high quality of life. The positive effects of this commitment for our employees were demonstrated in the results of the sentiment barometer carried out in the Volkswagen Group. This company-wide employee survey was first introduced at Porsche in 2013, and 95 percent of the respondents said that they liked working at Porsche.

More Quality of Life

Apart from a positive working environment, our employees are interested in achieving a maximally high quality of life. Getting the work-life balance right and combining family and career are therefore key concerns. Alongside childcare packages, Porsche therefore also implements many different forms of flexible working time to enhance quality of life. These possibilities are complemented by the company agreement on “Working Time Choice based on Life Phase” which was adopted in 2013 and plays a major role in enhancing flexible working. Porsche supports the health and fitness of employees with lots of opportunities for participating in company sport. The company is also committed to promoting integration and social contacts across company hierarchies.

Basic and Career Training with Qualifications

At Porsche we regard young employees as the future of the company. This is why we promote their interests in many different ways. Young men and women who complete their training in Zuffenhausen have a choice between nine different technical vocational profiles. Apprentices are given a job in the company if they are successful in obtaining their qualifications. Porsche is also committed to giving school leavers from lower secondary schools and vulnerable teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds a genuine opportunity to prove their skills. Since 2012, Porsche has offered the “foundation year”. The objective of this year is to give young people with specific deficits the opportunity to have a training which leads to a qualification. Another international example is provided by the Porsche Training and Recruitment Center Asia (PTRCA) located in Manila in the Philippines. It offers underprivileged young men and women a chance to train as skilled workers for Porsche service centers throughout the world.

A key cornerstone of personnel and management development at Porsche is the professional development of individual skills, competences and knowledge among employees. Porsche is increasingly focusing here on the concept of “professional families” within the Volkswagen Group. These forms of employee development are complemented by a number of initiatives including the Porsche Talent Team and the Porsche Management Program.

Co-determination and Compensation

Close partnership between the company management and Human Resources and the Works Council is a hallmark of Porsche corporate culture. This gives our employees a wide range of opportunities to participate, fair performance-related pay, a generous pension scheme and broadly based provision of advice. The benefits include a company pension plan financed by the employer and the opportunity for employees to top up their own pensions by making individual contributions to the “VarioRente” variable pension.

Healthcare and advice are also provided by the company healthcare management and the occupational health and safety department, alongside many different opportunities for healthcare advice and counselling on social issues.

Become Part of the Porsche Family

Porsche offers its employees an integrative corporate culture, outstanding opportunities for basic and career training, and fair conditions and benefits. If you are interested in becoming part of the Porsche Family, you will find lots of information and advertisements for vacant positions on our webpage “Jobs & Career”.